why get your locks rekeyed

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Why get your locks rekeyed? There are many reasons to get your locks rekeyed including:

  • Moving house if you have recently moved into new home its good idea to get your locks rekeyed. To stop the previous tenants or owners coming back with key they have kept or a friend that has been given a key but has forgotten to give it back.
  • Keys lost or stolen its must do to stop the lost keys being used without your knowledge. Also to stop the people who have stolen the keys coming back to do it again.
  • Too many keys if you carrying a extra kilo of keys with you. getting you locks rekeyed so they all work on 1 key is great way saving you time everyday trying to figure out what key gets back into your home.
  • Employee quit/fired it good idea to change/rekey your locks when this happens to stop them coming back and causing you problems.
  • Locks are clicking this is a tell tale sign that the keys are getting old and worn out and it’s time to replace them. By rekeying the lock you replace the keys with brand new keys and pins in the lock.
  • Locks with no keys getting any lock rekeyed is the best way of getting keys made for any locks that don’t have a key. 

All of these issues can be solved by a simple and inexpensive lock rekey. Instead of getting your locks replaced and down grading your quality of lock or buying the same lock and costing heaps money then having different keys for all your locks. If you have one or more these problems click on the link below to book online and get a price.



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