What it’s like to be a locksmith (everyday routine, side activities?)

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Everyday as a locksmith can be hugely interesting and varied whether it’ll be a day filled with simple lock repairs and lock replacements or help distressed families locked out of the homes to evicting people out homes or business. But every day starts the same, I wake up. After getting ready in the morning I leave from home straight to the first job of the day that has been booked in on previous day. It could be anywhere in Brisbane you never know where you might go or what you might be doing. I try and get 3-4 jobs done before lunch around 12 o’clock. If I’m close to my workshop I’ll try to have lunch there so I can restock the parts I’ve used. Then I’m back out on the road again for another 2-3 jobs. Before returning to my workshop to restock if needed and answer emails and make calls and other general admin work. Before going home and doing it all again tomorrow.

That’s my average day getting to meet new people at every new job I go to. I normally only do 6-7 jobs in a day due to still needing do all the other work that needs to be done. When I’ve worked for other companies I’d be doing 6-8 jobs a day depending on distance between jobs being the biggest deciding factor. The most jobs I’ve every done in 1 day was 14 but I’ve also been on 1 job site for a whole week either replacing all the locks in skyscrapers fire stairwell or rekeying a shopping centre. It’s an exciting and varied career that has always kept me on my toes and meeting new people.

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