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Safe’s? Do you need one? Why do you need one? Which one should I get? Are these all the questions you have been asking yourself? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to give some helpful advice on safes and vaults. Probably not vaults because they only exist in banks and high end jewellery shops. With in regards to safes and especially home safes I think they are essential last line of defence against home invasion.
Whether you try to protect valuables or guns or drugs or important papers. The correct type safe is out there for you. They come in all different sizes from tiny ones like the size brick to 2 meter tall ones that weigh 3 tons. Whatever size you get I strongly recommend you bolt down to the ground concrete is preferred over other surfaces.
The types you can choose from are gun safes that meant for guns (surprise) and the ammunition storage and meet the laws in regards to gun ownership, drug safes again to meet laws. But the three main types are cash rated, fire rated and fire and cash rated. The cash rated safes are made to protect valuables not just cash but jewellery and electronics. The “cash rating” is not something that is tested it more of marketing term for locksmiths and safe companies to let know what level of security the safes are.
So a $3000 cash rated safe is not as secure as $45000 cash rated safe that would have thicker and stronger steel and few other tricks in them. The fire rated safes are not marketing term the actual tested in laboratories. They test to see how long the safe stay intact in all different heats and for how long. Now these safe can be separate types and only want to protect valuables or only paper then those safes are perfect for you and less expensive the last option of a combined fire and cash rated safe so get the best of both worlds but also the price of both.
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