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Here something you might not known of locksmiths supply and install door closers as well as locks. There are many different reasons to get door closers, from security, noise reduction, air conditioning money saving, stopping the door slamming, fire code laws and just closing the doors after forgetful people.

There are a few different types of door closers like the right angle arm, parallel arm and slide arm. There are also couple other door closers (floor springs or transom door closers and motorised closers) but only for specific types of doors like pivot doors and hospital doors. But I’ll talk about them another day let’s get back to the main 3 types (right angle arm, parallel arm and slide arm).

The most common one is the right angle arm which has the most powerful of the three and the cheapest. The parallel arm is used for opening out doors it can used open in doors as well but lose 20 percent of its power but does look a little neater with arms being parallel to the door instead of sticking out from the door.

The slide arm is the best looking of the three with only one arm that slides a lung a track this only works on opening out doors. All three of them can come in different sizes according to weight of the door from 30kg doors all the way up to 120kg doors. You can also get ones with extra features like a back check which controls how wide the door can be opened and a hold open feature that controls how long the door with stay open for before starting to close. And you can also control the closing speed to be faster or slower in first 80 degrees than the latching speed takes over that also adjustable.

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