In Luke the Locksmith Tips

When you think about home security you should think of rings. No I don’t mean jewellery rings I mean rings around your home. With outer most ring being the first line defence with them getting smaller and smaller and stronger and stronger. Your first ring is actually the location like the country then the city and suburb. That sets up the intensity of your home security as would be more intense if you’re in South Africa compared to Australia or different if your in the city or in a country town.

Your next ring starts at your fence and yard first of all having fence is important even if a small one about hip height it at least a mental barrier to people just walking into your yard taking a bike or even a plant. You should also keep yard clean and tidy keeping the trees and bushes clear from the windows and doors not giving hiding spots to thieves. Some exterior lights and cameras are good if you can afford them (but heard those being stolen).

Next ring is your entry point (if you in worse country your walls to) you want nice solid wooden doors and security screen (crime safe or prowler proof) you also need good quality deadlocks on your doors and windows.

Next ring is inside your home with an alarm system that either back to base or self monitored like the AMC alarm that I sell (I know it’s shameless plug) also keep keys and valuables out of sight in drawers and cupboards. The last ring of security you can get is a home safe and I don’t mean one those toy safe you get from Bunnings. I mean a real safe that have proper cash rating on how much it can protect and it must be bolted down.

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