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Be on the look out for fake locksmith also known as scammer locksmiths. This new trend that has been happening over last few years now. They create websites from overseas using overseas email address and fake start addresses. They hire mostly backpackers who unfortunately don’t know what they doing is illegal. They also just don’t know what they are doing at all, with little to no training at all then sent out in their own cars some sort of second hand compact car.

The scam is when you call them they offer an extremely low price $60 or less to get back into your home. Then after getting the job and arriving at your home they suddenly change the price to triple or more even threatening violence if you don’t pay. They usually end up damaging the door when they try to open the door often breaking the lock or drilling the cylinder then not even replacing it afterwards. They hand over hand written invoice with a fake or no ABN on it with no contact numbers to complain to.

How to spot a real locksmith compared to fake locksmith is to look on there website for Australian phone numbers and email addresses also look for the badges of the LGA or MLAA (LGA is the locksmith guild of Australia and the MLAA is the master locksmith association of Australia) then finally ask to see the tradesmen security license. All locksmiths will have one and carry it with them at all times. With us have full police background check done and having our fingerprints taken and kept on record.

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