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Why is it so important to get your locks changed? There are many reasons as to why you should get your locks changed but particularly important to do whenever your move into a new home. But first I should clarify that you don’t actually need to buy brand new locks. What I actually do is something called a “rekey” this is when I take your existing locks out to my Mobile workshop (van) and take them apart to replace the bottom pins (most people call them tumblers). Which is how the lock knows if it’s the correct key in the lock or if it’s the wrong key and stops it from turning. Then I put the lock back on the door now with old key not working but two new keys working and in many cases I can make multiple locks work on the same key. Reducing the the amount of keys you need to carry around.

But getting back to why you should get your locks rekeyed especially when you move into your new home not only will the locksmith help sort out the keys you have been given from the real estate and most likely reduce the amount of keys you need. But also for your safety and security to make sure the there are no spare keys from previous owners might still have or have forgotten about ex husbands or Wives or other relatives and friends may still have keys. It also for me gives that extra peace of mind knowing that I have complete control of my keys and locks. And you ask us about your locks and teach you how they work and how to operate them correctly. You can use this service when you lose or have your keys stolen to stop people from gaining entry to home.

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