How to recognize a legit locksmith

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There’s been talk about illegal locksmiths also known as fake locksmiths recently. I just wanted to write this blog explaining what they are and how they operate and how to spot a real locksmith.

Usually, fake locksmiths are illegally advertising in countries they are not based in on google. Keeping them outside of the laws reach, for now anyway. They hire backpackers from local hostels that don’t know what they are doing is illegal. They target the desperate customers that are locked out of their homes or cars.

Once they have been found on the internet if you call them you will be redirected to a call centre (in Canada I believe) then you will be told they will be there in 15min or other short period of time and it will only cost $45 or lesser. When the “locksmith” shows up usually hours late struggles to get the door open damaging the door and lock. Possibly not even getting door open and just running away. If they do get the door open they then suddenly ask for $300 or more saying it was harder than they thought was going to be, or offer different reason.

They can often try to stand over tactics to intimidate you to pay them their unreasonable amount if they give a receipt that has unreadable writing on it with a fake ABN on it so it’s impossible to chase them down.

There are certain things to look out for when hiring a locksmith for any types of works to be carried out. Firstly, look at their reviews if they’re all 5 stars and are perfect but only on their website that’s warning because no one is perfect go look on google reviews for the real reviews. You can also check if they have physical addresses.

All locksmiths are members of MLAA (master locksmiths association of Australia) or the LGA (Locksmith guild of Australia) look for these logos on websites and check for any special terms and conditions mentioning they have the right to change the price without notice. All locksmiths will carry their security licenses with them and should be driving a work vehicle and not a rental car. Wearing a uniform with the company’s logo on it.

If you feel like you have been victim of these illegal companies please report to police fraud department or one of the locksmiths associations.

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