How to become a locksmith Apprentice

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Modern locksmiths are security professionals, utilising the latest technology. Certainly, they still cut keys and fix locks; however, they offer a wide range of security services for the residential, commercial, industrial, automotive, health, educational and Government sectors, including electronic access control, home automation, CCTV, alarms, safes & vaults, and automotive locksmithing services including the latest transponder keys. Apprentice locksmiths still learn about all the traditional aspects of locksmithing, but they also focus on the industry trends of the future. The 4-year Apprenticeship includes aspects of both TAFE tuition and assessment, and in-house training and mentoring. Luke the locksmith focuses on residential and Commerial parts of locksmithery.

There are a couple different ways of becoming a locksmith. One option is take pre- vocational class at TAFE to learn about basic tool use. It also saves six months on your apprenticeship. Then try and find a employer to hire you after that or you get a locksmith to take you on without the the pre-vocational class and do the full 4 year apprenticeship. After that you spend time on the tools with the company and time at TAFE learning and practicing your skills. In Queensland it is block release system, have 1 month at TAFE and one month at work. For people outside of Brisbane its 3 months on and 3 months off. If are mature age apprentice, that is anyone over 21 may get a shorter apprenticeship due to other life skills you bring.There is government support available to both apprentices and employers to help with buying tools and paying for TAFE.

To be good locksmith I believe you should have a mechanical mind that thinks logically about problems. Good nimble fingers are also good to have and a interest in how things work. After being a locksmith for over 15 years i can say it’s interesting varied job. Meeting lots new people everyday figuring out all reasons that locks don’t work or how to improve security. it also opens up to other career opportunities like business owner, dispatcher, salesman and many more.

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