Don’t change lock, Rekey them

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I get lots of calls from people who want to get new locks because they have no keys for the lock or have had the keys stolen or lost. After finding out what has happened and what they really want, it is called a rekey.  This is where we take the lock apart and change the pins to match a new key and stops the old key from working.

We can do almost any door lock deadbolt, deadlocks, screen door locks, sliding doors they all use the same basic key mechanism. So without replacing your locks you can get new keys without the expense of getting new locks or reducing the quality of your locks.

We can also key all your locks alike so you only need 1 key for your home. You should also get your locks rekeyed when moving into a new home to give peace of mind that no one else has keys for the property and you won’t have to sort through all the keys the real estate gives you.

Click the link to watch how we do it 1647421738867316/.

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