Avoid Holiday Thieves with these tips:

 In Luke's advice

So around about this time of year, everyone is getting ready for the time off work and getting away for few well earned days or weeks. But before you do go on your holidays here’s a few handy hints on your home security when you’re away.

  • Make sure all your locks on doors and windows are working correctly a week or 2 before you leave just to give some time to organise to get them fixed as it’s busy time of the year with everyone wanting things done before Christmas. You also put a piece of doweling that are neatly cut to size and are put into the track of the windows. Best if you can’t see them from the outside. That is quick and cheap option the best option is to put a key lockable lock on the windows and any sliding door with bolts that go down into the floor. Check your insurance as it must have in some insurance policies.
  • Clean up the yard and trim the grass and bushes so it doesn’t become over grown while you’re away it gives the thieves idea that you’re away.
  • Put all ladders and anything that keep outside put inside or locked up as they could be used to break into your home. Tell your neighbours that going away as well so they notice anything strange with your home. They can also pick your mail and put out your bins and bring them in so looks like someone is home. If don’t trust your neighbours ask friends or family to do it.
  • You can also now get lights that work on timers to come on at night or random times of the day. Leaving one on doesn’t work and just wastes power.
  • Get someone to move the car if you have no garage. You just make it look like someone is home and just empty for days or weeks.
  • Nowadays you also have to be careful about post on social media now. Post your photos when you get home.

I hope this helps and I hope you have Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

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