AMC Alarms Product review

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AMC Alarms Product review

AMC alarms is an Italian based manufacturer of alarm components and software. Founded in 1974 with over 40+ years of experience creating revolutionary products in the security industry. It’s now available through Australian security specialists for the first time ever. They are launching in Australia with their new product of the XR900 series. The XR900 is a new wireless control panel by AMC. The control panel is equipped of 64 wireless zones that are configured in different functions (alarm, robbery, smoke, detection). XR900 is able to notify one or more situations of ALARM, ROBBERY, TAMPERING and TROUBLE with different carriers:

• PSTN LINE on board (voice call, contact ID, SIA fsk, etc.)
• GSM/GPRS/3G module (voice call, SMS, contact ID, DC09 IP protocol for contact ID and SIA IP)
IP module (DC09 IP protocol for contact ID and SIA IP)

The panel can be controlled by the AMC Manager App (iOS/Android) with IP module and/or GPRS/3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software. The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS/3G module.

Tech specs of the control panel


Detectors with an analysis system that takes into account the two most important changes that may occur during a movement: the speed and the intensity.
With the simultaneous comparison of these two information, the detectors are able to discriminate repetitive movements from intrusion, lowering the percentage of false alarms.
With high thermal variations, the totally digital temperature compensation system, guarantees a great performance. They have 15 mt coverage, with angle of 90°. With the special lens are equipped of creep zone. IF900 is a 15 mt range infrared wireless detector with more than 90° angular range thanks to its 31 beam lens. It communicates with the control panel by a bidirectional digital radio transmission channel to avoid signal collisions or band saturation and ensure high stability and precision. The 128 bit AES encryption code guarantee an high security. It’s provided with a panel tamper protection. It’s also supervised (automatic life test). The standard lithium-ions battery allows a very long duration. They also come in a pet friendly range.
Available colours: white – Dimensions: W 60, H 110, D 46 mm.

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