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Types of thieves

There are different types of home thieves. There are 2 main types of burglary’s you should be trying to stop. There is the amateurs they are mostly drug addicts and bored teenagers. They don’t have a lot knowledge of what they are doing they unfortunately cost more in the damage in gaining access then in what they take, with the limited tools they bring if any at all usually only a flat head screwdriver or whatever you have left lying around in the garden trying to pry open a door or window. They mostly target homes in the same area they live in as they don’t want or can’t travel far. With very little to no thought put into what they are doing or which house to target. Looking to steal whatever’s not to heavy to carry cash, DVD’s, jewellery, phones and iPads. They’re simple enough to keep out with quality deadlocks on doors and windows and remembering to lock them.

Now, for the other type you should be looking out for are the career thief. These people have been doing for long time usually working pairs or teams often not creating too much damage when the gain access as they have great knowledge of what they are doing often scope out the targets posing as council workers or survey takers on the look out for when people aren’t home and which home have weak security and are also worth the effort. Then come back with plan of which houses to hit in any particular suburbs. I’ve even heard them coming with removers uniforms and vehicles. These guys will take everything they can TVs, electronic devices, laptops, stereos, jewellery, cash etc and now they take your cars that you leave in your garages due to the cars now being having car immobilisers. To stop these guys you need more than just good quality locks and deadlocks on your doors and windows have Crime safe or equivalent screen doors, alarms and cameras help with good signage to let people know you have them. Having a safe is also the best way to secure your valuables.

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