Is being a locksmith Dangerous?

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It is understood that your life is in danger whenever you step outside your house to work if you are a policeman, a fireman, military or a part of the bomb squad. But do we know how dangerous a locksmith’s job is either? People always thought locksmith only fixes simple locks and done it easily but what they don’t know is they also do dangerous jobs.

Yes you read it correctly. A locksmith has a dangerous job and the fact that despite the danger, he performs the job should earn him extra points. He is a craftsman, an artist of sorts but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that his job has its own perils.

In this article, I will share a story about a job done for one of my favourite clients.

A client requested for these high voltage electric boxes to be opened and fixed. The rubbers inside the door seemed melted from summer’s heat and hardened by winter. It was hard to reach those boxes as there were bushes around the area. These electric boxes are high voltage one wrong move and I can be electrocuted. I made every move with full caution.

I am just sharing this with you to show how dangerous a locksmith’s job is sometimes. I can tell you more about some dangerous moments like a snake suddenly appeared while fixing a lock and a lot more. But bottomline here is there is really no safe job in the field.

Let’s get to the basics here. Why do you have locks? To protect an office or home or a safe. We have the need to keep something’s secure like money, jewellery and even important documents. We need security in the house we live in and that no one has easy access to our safe zone.

Locksmiths are people who play on these very tools. They are the ones who handle the way to your safety. The locks. Now when this sensitive job is on hand of another human, a chunk in his professionalism will put you or your family, office in danger. Beyond that, this chunk will put the locksmith in danger as he becomes a possible information source.

Despite these, I chose to stay as a locksmith. No matter how dangerous sometimes my job can be, at the end of the day, happiness is when you see your clients happy with your job and knowing you made their security safer or just simply helping them when they are locked out.







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